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Welcome to StackGuardian 👋

Get started by registering for a free account. Create your account using the registration link, or sign up with your Google account for quick access.

Onboarding Steps

Once you've logged in, proceed with the following onboarding steps to fully integrate with our platform.

Step 1: Organization Setup

Create Your Organization

An Organization on StackGuardian enables multi-tenancy and data segregation. This is where you, as an admin, can bring your team members together to deploy compliant cloud infrastructure effortlessly.

You can begin by selecting the default organization name or opting for a name of your choice. After deciding on the name, click on "Create" to establish your first organization.

Create Your First Organization

Step 2: Connecting with Cloud or VCS

Next, in the left-hand side navigation panel, locate the "Connectors" dropdown. From there, you have the following options:

Connect Cloud Providers

StackGuardian seamlessly integrates with major cloud services. Follow the instructions in our guides to establish connections:

Permission Requirements:
  • Discovery Use Case: Assign ReadOnly permissions to ensure secure data retrieval without making changes.
  • Deployment Use Case: Grant the least privileges necessary for deploying infrastructure, adhering to the principle of least privilege.

Connect Version Control Systems

Integrate your repositories with StackGuardian by connecting to various VCS providers. We support a range of platforms. Follow our comprehensive connection guides for each:


Permission Requirement: Only Repository Read permissions are necessary for integration.

Connect Providers

Step 3: Initiate Your Workflow

Organize your Workflows within Workflow Groups for efficient structuring and better collaboration. These groups are ideal for sorting workflows by team, division, or specific environmental needs.

We provide an automated setup of a sample workflow for you. This practical example showcases the simplicity of implementing AWS infrastructure using a pre-defined template from our Marketplace.

Choose either "Create your workflow using marketplace template" or "Create your workflow using git" based on your previous step. Then, you may alter the default Workflow Group and Workflow names. Following this, select a template and its most recent revision. Click on "Create" to launch your first Workflow. This Workflow can be viewed in a detailed manner.

Create Workflow

For comprehensive insights on workflows, explore these resources:

Congratulations on Launching Your Workflow! 👏

Successfully created your first workflow with StackGuardian? Here's what you can do now:

  • Explore Documentation: Ready to delve deeper? Our comprehensive documentation is your resource for customizing and advancing your workflow capabilities.