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The Deploy > Overview tab in StackGuardian streamlines the deployment of cloud resources, providing a centralized dashboard for managing workflows and stacks efficiently.

workflow-stack Overview


Simplifying complex deployment processes and enhancing operational efficiency are at the heart of StackGuardian's deployment interface. It offers intuitive management of workflows and stack configurations, helping teams to deploy and monitor cloud resources effortlessly.


The Deploy tab features:

  • Workflow Groups: Centralize your workflows into groups for better organization and access control, ensuring teams and divisions can manage their workflows effectively. Learn more about setting up workflow groups in the Workflow Groups Guide.

Workflow Overview

  • Stacks: Define and manage stacks that bundle workflows into executable sets, promoting reuse and enabling sequential execution where each workflow's output feeds into the next. For comprehensive stack management, see the Stacks Guide.

Stack Overview

  • Reference Variables: Facilitate data flow between IaC components by using reference variables to pass outputs as inputs across workflows and stacks, ensuring cohesion and modularity. Details are available in the Reference Variables Guide.