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The Discover > Overview tab is your central hub for immediate insights into your cloud infrastructure, offering a comprehensive view of your organization's health metrics. This section serves as a key operational dashboard, enabling effective oversight and optimization of your cloud ecosystem.

The updated dashboard enhances visibility into policy compliance, security posture, cost management, and workflow status. These critical monitoring aspects are fundamental for maintaining robust cloud governance and preventing resource sprawl.

Dashboard Overview: New Compliance and Security Widgets


Designed for swift, informed decision-making, the dashboard now includes enhanced widgets for Compliance and Security, alongside the essential metrics for a secure and efficient cloud setup. For example, alerts in the Compliance Checks or Security Checks widgets may indicate areas requiring prompt action, allowing for proactive issue resolution, compliance maintenance, and security threat mitigation.


The Overview tab now provides an enriched snapshot of critical metrics across cloud accounts like AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud Provider, including:

  1. Policy Enforcement: Shows the outcome of cloud policy evaluations, indicating pass, fail, and warn statuses, along with associated workflows and policies.

  2. Workflow Status: Outlines the current status of workflows, including those running, awaiting approval, or experiencing drift, to reflect automation process health.

  3. Cost Checks: Delivers insights into daily operational costs, highlighting the number of checks and their pass/fail outcomes for effective budgeting and cost control.

  4. Compliance Checks: Summarizes compliance status with detailed pass/fail counts, offering actionable insights for enhancing cloud governance.

  5. Security Checks: Evaluates the security posture by reporting on security checks, helping prioritize actions for a more secure cloud environment.