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The Connectors section in StackGuardian acts as a secure bridge, integrating your cloud infrastructure with essential services like version control, cloud service providers, and secret management vaults.


Connectors are at the core of StackGuardian's commitment to a seamless and secure DevOps experience providing critical linkages that empower users to synchronize their cloud environments with external services, ensuring smooth workflows and safeguarding sensitive configurations.


The Connectors tab facilitates:

  • Cloud Service Providers (CSP): Easily integrate with major CSPs such as AWS, Azure, and GCP. Establishing these connections enables enhanced cloud resource management. For configuration details, view the CSP Management Guide.

CSP Overview

  • Version Control Systems (VCS): Connect your StackGuardian projects with VCS providers like AWS CodeCommit, Azure DevOps, Bitbucket, GitLab, and GitHub for streamlined code management and collaboration. For more information on VCS integration, consult the VCS Guide.

VCS Overview

  • Vaults: With Vaults, securely store and manage sensitive information such as credentials and API keys. The focus on security ensures encryption and ease of access. To understand how to use Vaults, refer to the Vaults Guide.

Vaults Overview