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StackGuardian offers a streamlined environment where developers can orchestrate infrastructure as code (IaC) templates and define policies. This section includes a library or marketplace filled with IaC templates appropriate for organizational needs, alongside policies, their types, and a no-code builder for quick policy creation.

It is tailored to help new users grasp the essential components of cloud infrastructure management within StackGuardian, emphasizing the integration and functionality of IaC Templates, Groups, Workflows, and Stacks.


A centralized suite of tools for efficient cloud infrastructure management, ensuring developers have access to resources needed for creating scalable and secure cloud environments.

Workflow Groups, Workflows, and Stacks

Workflow Groups allow for the organization of multiple workflows and stacks, which can be crucial for managing complex infrastructures involving numerous resources and dependencies.

Workflows are automated sequences that deploy and manage infrastructure using IaC Templates. They define the necessary steps to provision, update, or decommission infrastructure components efficiently.

A Stack is a collection of resources that are managed and provisioned together based on the defined workflows. Stacks help in maintaining consistency, repeatability, and scalability in infrastructure deployment.

IaC Templates and IaC Groups

IaC Templates are fundamental building blocks in StackGuardian, enabling developers to define and manage cloud infrastructure programmatically. These templates can be grouped into IaC Groups, which organize multiple templates into a cohesive unit, enhancing manageability and reusability.

IaC Integration Diagram

Deploying an individual IaC Template triggers a workflow within the development environment, effectively managing specific tasks or resources. In contrast, deploying an IaC Group, which includes multiple templates, structures the deployment as a Stack. This arrangement creates a network of interconnected workflows, where the output of one workflow becomes the input for one of the following workflows.


  • Policy Management: The Policies tab provides a comprehensive interface for creating and managing policies, ensuring the infrastructure remains secure and compliant. For more information on policy management, visit Policies Detail.

    Policies Overview

  • Library: Acts as a dynamic resource for both managing a wide range of private templates tailored to your organization's needs. It facilitates the comprehensive creation and categorization of various template types, such as IaC Templates, IAC Groups, IaC Policies, Workflow Steps, and Terraform IaC. For detailed instructions on managing and crafting these templates, please consult the Library Guide.

    Library Overview