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Create Policy

With StackGuardian, compliance for your workflows and Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is straightforward and flexible. Select from a vast array of over 250 pre-configured policies in our Marketplace, or create custom policies tailored to your needs.

Creating and Implementing Policies

Step 1: Create Your First Policy

Start by choosing a ready-made policy from our Marketplace that aligns with AWS's best practices.

  1. Go to the Policies tab, located next to the Workflow Group tab.
  2. Create your Policy by defining a Resource Name, adding a Description, and tagging with relevant Tags.

Step 2: Structuring Your Policy Rules

After selecting your policy:

  1. Visit the Rules section.
  2. Add a new rule with the following steps:
    • Name the rule with a valid slug and choose Marketplace Policy Template.
    • Find /stackguardian/aws-best-practices-all in the Policy Template field and select the latest version.
    • Set Action on pass to PASS and Action on fail to WARN.
    • Save your configuration.

Defining Actions and Approval Process

Specify what Actions to take based on policy evaluation:

  • Pass: The policy is compliant.
  • Warn: There may be issues with the policy.
  • Fail: The policy is non-compliant.
  • Approval Required: Manual approval is necessary.

For policies requiring Approval, define the approval process:

  • Choose the number of approvers from a pre-defined list, ranging from one to all.

Step 3: Policy Deployment

To apply your policy:

  1. Return to the Meta tab.
  2. In the Scope section, select the Workflow or Workflow Group to associate with this policy.

Keep track of active policies in the Overview section of your Workflow.

Fig: Create & Enforce New Policy (aws-best-practices)


Now you're all set to launch your workflow with robust policy enforcement.